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I miss being full.

Portion size might not be the issue.  It’s that I enjoy being full or a different level of satisfaction.  Or time spent eating with lots of variety.  Yesterday I reduced my lunch portion and even though I felt satisfied after my meal, I thought something was missing.  Not sure if was time spend eating, lack of certain macros, or variety.  I shoot to be balanced by the end of the day.  32% Carbohydrates, 33% Fat, and 35% protein; but I meal plan with little fat because fat just creeps  into your diet when you are not looking.  I might need to add some healthy fats on the way to enhance that satisfaction feeling.  Lunch I like to eat turkey and vegetables.  I have this really simple food bar where I go and its fairly easy to weight out the food at the register.

Yesterday’s Lunch under 500 (carbs 15.3 grams, fats 2.2 grams, protein 66.6 grams)

175 Grams of Turkey Breast

225 Grams of Broccoli

This is an example where I left the fat out because turkey and broccoli have next to none.  I might try adding 2 teaspoons of olive oil going forward.




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Maintenance Slipping

I have been very aware of what I am eating, but weighing out all my food is getting a little tiresome.  Actually I don’t mind weighing my food, I mind that my portions are smaller that I want right now.  Success will be in the numbers though. I hit a low weight on December 18th, 2018 and have been struggling to get back on track.  I think quantity is my first troubled area.  Snacking it pretty close to tied for second.  What I found to be most helpful is to start eating later in the day to ensure that I have room to eat the portions I enjoy most.  The most motivating factor right now is that my clothes seem to fit real well.  In a perfect world, I would like to enjoy 500 calorie meals.  Breakfast is the easiest for me.  I have been making very creative egg white omelettes.  100 grams of spinach is a very common addition.  I also like to add goat cheese, salmon, turkey, and avocado.  Not all at the same time!

Today’s Breakfast (Under 500)- (Carbs 20.5, Fat 8.0, Protein 43.3)

160 Grams of Egg Whites

75 Grams of Smoked Salmon

25 Grams of Goat Cheese

39 Grams of Bread.





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“the swiftest hours, as they flew,” – Shakespeare

Ten years later.  My focus with regards to diet is balance.  It feels to me that the word diet has a negative meaning as if it always means in terms of restriction of the quantity of food but that is not always true.  It can also define the way one eats.  My balance at this moment is not as clearly define as I would like, but I basically split may calories equally between fat, carbohydrates, and protein.  I focus on the macros of my food and it has been very educational where all my calories are derived.  It is funny how when I mentioned I had an egg white omelette on a call the other day with spinach and mozzarella the listener quickly thought it was odd to remove fat and then add it back in.  ” Doesn’t that go against the purpose to having an egg white omelette.”   The conversation didn’t continue because there were other on the call.  What I learned while focused on macros, I took control of my calories.  Three eggs with cheese has 15 grams more fat than egg whites with cheese.  That is 100 more calories.

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Dak Kang Jung – East Meets Weeks

I am a huge chicken wing fan, and my friend Eric shows us how to make really amazing chicken wings Korean style.

Chicken Wings

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Party is Over!!!

Ok-  My Birthday was six weeks ago and I am still celebrating.  This is CRAZY!!!  As easy as it was to lose 1.5 pounds per week, I have been putting it back on.  THIS SUCKS>  I now receive my veggie share and I will be getting back to business.  I owe you details on my trip to Italy and Bermuda but before I wander there, I need to recommend a new sauce I made last night.  It was a Plum Sauce that I read on Fat Free Vegan.  I served it over Salmon and I also made a green tomato sauce for my roasted vegetables.  Details to follow.  Off to earn a buck now.

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It can be done!!!!

I lost 40 pounds in 6 months!!!!  Sorry about the inactivity in Blogs, but I have never been healthier.  My main diet is veggies first, a lot of water and snacking on nuts and yogurt.  I have a big birthday this weekend and am traveling for the next two weeks.

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Chopped Meat

I just want a hamburger!!  New York can get overwhelming with restaurant choices but one meal should be dedicated to the hamburger.  This could be a simple task but it is not.  A lot of hamburger joints have opened up in the last 10 years and it is just complicated.  I am sure there are Blogs just on hamburgers.  If I had to keep this midtown again or on the UES, it makes this post easier.  I would like to just send you to The Corner Bistro but I have not been there in 10 years and i was never there prior to 2am.  It is a great bar with a great burger.  It almost feels like I am promoting midtown, but no one talks about mid town; its not just  a neighbor where people work.  There are many residential neighborhoods in Mid-Town East; for example Turtle Bay and Sutton Place.  Again if I were to take a stroll, there are a few institution that are worth looking at for getting a hamburger.  PJ Cark’s and JG Melon both have great bar settings and offer a great burger.  I prefer PJ Clarks; Clarks it is 100 years old and was recently renovated.  They also have an upscale version on the second floor call Sidecar.  The most expensive and noteworthy hamburger at a POSH  midtown restaurant, a institution with a full fare menu and great wine list; the  21 Clubis a great place for a hamburger especially if you are shopping on 5th Aveneue or have some business meetings midtown.

Now pay attention.  My favorite place to grab a quick Burger for lunch or a late night snack.  The only way you usually hear about the restaurant is by word of mouth.  Dozens of restaurants have tried to copy the model since and only a few were successful.  Mouthwatering and just down right AWESOME place to grab a burger.  Hidden in the back of the lobby of the Le Parker Meridian Hotel is a restaurant called The Burger Joint.  Even if eating a Hamburger was not on your list of todo’s, it is worth checking out the scene.  I promise you will love everthing about this burger joint.  Another restaurant in the Lobby of the Hotel is supposed to be a great place for breakfast is Norma’s.

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If you like red meat and are in the mood for a steak, New York has some of the best Steak Houses in the country.  A cab is usually necessary, but once again, Mid-Town East, my hood has some of the best steakhouses.  It seems like there are new Steak Houses opening regularly in New York and they are all packed!!!!   Even with the economy crunch it is amazing how many people eat steak.  Now there will be a lot of people that might disagree with this post because a lot of people have their favorites.  Without tremendous research, only from eating a lot, I have learned a thing or two.  For someone to make an opinion on a steak house there are many factors.  First there is the grade of the meat; you want to look for Prime.  Second you want to know if the meat is aged.  There are two methods; dry and wet.  I prefer dry.  Third, the cut; Delmonico, Porterhouse, Rib, Strip, Sirlion, TBone, and Filet.  I prefer a Strip Steak, but every restaurant has their specialty. Fourth, the way the restaurant seasons the steak.  I like when they are heavy on the salt.  Then how it is cooked; grilled, pan fried, or broiled.  All of these factors can sway ones decision.  Walking distance from my house in Midtown Manhattan there are many choices;  Smith & Wollensky, The Palm, The Palm Too, The Post House, Sparks, Del Friscos, Ben Benson’s, Michael Jordons, Ben & Jacks, Keens, Wolfgang’s, Morton’s, Bobby Van’s, Capital Grill, and the list goes on.  I want to remind you that all of these steak houses I can walk to.  There must be 100 great steak houses in New York City.  Now the big question is, where do I eat and if I only had one to choose from, where would I go.  I spend most of my time at the Palm, but that is right across the street from my office.  I also LOVE Del Frisco’s, but that is a Texas Restaurant.  My wife and I also frequent Smith and Wolensky’s.   My favorite might be Sparks, but that is very posh.  Wolfgang’s must be tried because it can provide a Peter Lugar’s fix without going to Brooklyn.

There are two Steak Houses that are close enough to midtown and have VERY GOOD meat.  They are also newer in Steak House terms.  I would recommend BLT Prime and Quality Meats.  I would go into the menus, but it really doesn’t matter.  Most of the steak houses have similar menus.  I always order pretty much the same thing.  I get a Strip Steak charred cooked Medium Rare;  red and not cold.  Does the rest really matter.  Both restaurants have GREAT sides and starters. 


Most important tip; don’t fill yourself up on the bread.

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Trust Me!!!

Sushi lovers will travel great distances for quality.  I have been called a sushi snob  and I am not going to disagree.  Some of my favorite Sushi Restaurants are from California.  But we are going to keep this post focused on New York.  Sticking to the Upper East Side, Sushi lovers have their local favorites, but good Sushi is worth a cab ride.  I happen to be very lucky, because some of the best sushi in New York is located in Mid-Town and on the UES.  In the 80’s you have Tokubei 86 which happens to be a GREAT local sushi restaurant; try the Tokubei Roll.   In the 60’s you have Sushi Seki which I have to say is unbelievable.  In the 40’s you have Seo and Sushi Yasuda both very good; with Yasuda being some peoples favorite. 

Now if you want the BEST SUSHI, the GEM and least heard of restaurant, you need to go to the 70’s.  Not only do you need to TRUST ME, you need to TRUST Kenji the Owner and Chef.  At this restaurant, you can not place an order.  YOU need to trust the chef.  He will bring keep bringing you sushi until he see that you are full.  He will also serve what he believes is appropriate for your taste buds.  Not to worry if you don’t like the exotic fish.  He mostly serves melt in you mouth sushi.  If you seem up to it, he will start to serve you Japanese favorites like Clam, Uni, and Ikura.  I met Kenji in California and only ate sushi when I traveled.  When he moved to NY all my dreams came through.  Not including when I met my wife.  If you live in New York or if you are just visiting, you have to try Sushi Sasabune.

There are no spicy Tuna rolls.  There are no combo sushi dishes.  Just REALLY GOOD Sushi and Sashimi. 

You will get one surprise roll at the end.  Please let me know what you think.  TRUST ME or at least Kenji.

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New York has a lot of restaurants, and if you have been in business for a while, you are probably half good.  Sifting through all of the restaurants can be an arduous task.  Most of you know that I am an avid cook, but as a New Yorker, we do eat out a lot, and I know what I like.  My wife and I love going to new restaurants but as I mature, chasing the hottest chef can feel like going to the gym.  You feel good once you finish, but getting your self to go can feel like a lot of work.   As a foodie, I do get a lot of requests for where to eat.  What is most interesting in New York, there are thousands of neighborhoods.  Every few blocks can be considered a neighborhood in New York.  If you live on 60th Street on the East side, and you want to go for Italian, you might end up at Primola, Bravo Gianni, or Scalinatella.  All three of these restaurant are VERY GOOD.  If you live on 70th Street on the East Side, and you want Italian, you might end up at Campagnola or Elio’s both VERY GOOD.   If you are “connected” and you have a driver you might even end up at Rao’s; I have never been and am looking for a friend to take me. 

What’s all this talk about meatballs!!!  Now if you decide to wander south of 60thStreet you fill find yet another local Italian restaurant.  I go there regularly and have to say it is my favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant.  They have the BEST Meatballs EVER.  I took a friend there the other day and when he heard that I ordered meatballs, he thought it seemed odd that I wanted that to start prior to ordering my wine.  They melt in your mouth and when you finish the first, you want another.  We also ate the Melanzane Rollatino(Eggplant Stuffed with Ricotta).  The best part about going to this local Italian Restaurant, they will make anything you want.  I personally LOVE the Scarpariello (on the bone).  My wife loves all of the Pasta dishes.  They have Lamb Chops, Veal Chops, and Pork Chops.  The other night I had the Veal Chop (make sure you order the double cut).  The service is very personalized and Anthony the owner is ALWAYS there to make you happy.  He took very good care of me the other night.  They have a great selection of Italian Wine, but I continue to order from the California section. 

I had the Merryvalemerryvalethe other night (a favoirte of mine). 

It is very difficult leaving the restaurant without ordering a canolli.  For a nice local Italian restaurant, you can go for a special occasion or even eat at the bar for a quick meal.  They have a piano player a few days a week and it is a lot of fun for a quick glass of wine if you are in the neighborhood.  If don’t have a lot of time, go to the bar and order a half portion of pasta with a meatball.  You will love me forever. 

Are you ready;  The restaurants name is Destino’s!  It is a MUST TRY. 

After you try Destino’s, I would love to read about your comments.

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