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The three most important words when you are dieting.

No thank you. 

Would you like some desert?  No thank you

Would you like to taste my dish?  No thank you

Would you like a side of potatoes?  No thank you

Would you like anything else?  No thank you?

Stick your plan.  Arrange your meals in advance. And always say no thank you.  We put to much effort in maintaining our weight.  We spend many hours in the gym.  We know what is good and bad to eat.  Now learn to say; No thank you!!!

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Eating or Drinking

I managed to have a great eating day, but I am half way through a bottle of wine.  A Merryvale ” Starmont” 2005.  Very good Cabernet.  Today i ate 2 eggs with asparagus and Swiss cheese.  For lunch I had a big salad similar to yesterday.   For dinner I ate leftover Chinese; poached chicken with ginger.  Sauteed Bok Choy. 

Until tomorrow.

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