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Be a Winner Share Your Dinner!!

Eat less and you will lose weight.

It is calories not what you eat.

Eat lots of small meals.

Have you ever heard these lines.  Well it probably makes sense, not only do I like large meals, I fishing my plate.  That’s what my mom taught me.  For 20 plus years, not only did I finish my plate, portions got bigger.  That is why everyone is fatter.  Not only do I finish my plate, I don’t like to share.

My mother taught me to share, so I will started offering a taste off my plate.  If I give away one taste of my dinner every night I should be able to give away at least 50 calories;  maybe 100 if I get good at it.  Here’s the math.

50 * 365 days equals 18,250 calories.

That’s nine days worth of food @2,200 calories.

That is 5 pounds over the year and that is only 50 calories.  100 calories would help me lose 10 pounds by just offering a taste.

So 5 very important works to remember.

“Would you like a taste?”

December 10, 2008 - Posted by | Daily Comments

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