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I Will Balance My Life With Love!

After weeks of getting my act together I started to slip down a very slippery slope.  It took Chris Brogan social media king to get me focused on my goals.

Chris’s  goals for 2009  were similar to my goals; it would have been very easy for me to use them.  Since that would not be fair, I spent a day trying to figure out what will be important for me in 2009.


My goals for 2009 all had a similar theme. They were all written to include an action.  The main theme was to work harder, grow revenues, and have an organized strategy.  When I wrote down what I needed to accomplish there was nothing vague about my actions.  They all started off, I will… (do something specific) and my actions are clearly written.  They were all small daily goals that would help move the needle over time.  Chris mentions this in his blog; we have been using this term at the office.  “Will” is an  important word for me in 2009 because it will remind me to take action.


Balance also  aligns well with my goals.  Balance is important throughout the day.  Most people are very good at setting goals for one aspect of their life; but horrible in balancing their careers and their personal lives.  In 2009 I will spend more time balancing my activities.  It is very important to balance your time throughout the day.  To complete goals, you need to finish tasks; and to finish tasks you need to have tasks.  Walking a tightrope takes many hours of practice; I will establish actions to help balance my daily life.


This is a perfect recipe to tie “Will” and “Balance” together. If you add love to the equation everything will come together.  I tell my employees to smile when they speak on the phone; it comes through.  You can tell the difference when you smile.  Smile now, and try to be sad.  Stand up straight and smile and it feels better.  Care about what you do and give love, add love, and send love.  Add it to your projects, give it to friends and strangers, and most importantly love yourself.  Love spreads like weeds and should be a dressing on all of your daily activities.

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  1. Very insightful and inspiring. Thanks for your thoughts.

    Comment by Rosie | January 5, 2009 | Reply

  2. New Years is always a time to reflect. I struggle between my personal and professional life and what is really important. Your 3 words are perfect.

    Comment by Shelly | January 6, 2009 | Reply

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