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Dak Kang Jung – East Meets Weeks

I am a huge chicken wing fan, and my friend Eric shows us how to make really amazing chicken wings Korean style.

Chicken Wings

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Party is Over!!!

Ok-  My Birthday was six weeks ago and I am still celebrating.  This is CRAZY!!!  As easy as it was to lose 1.5 pounds per week, I have been putting it back on.  THIS SUCKS>  I now receive my veggie share and I will be getting back to business.  I owe you details on my trip to Italy and Bermuda but before I wander there, I need to recommend a new sauce I made last night.  It was a Plum Sauce that I read on Fat Free Vegan.  I served it over Salmon and I also made a green tomato sauce for my roasted vegetables.  Details to follow.  Off to earn a buck now.


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