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“the swiftest hours, as they flew,” – Shakespeare

Ten years later.  My focus with regards to diet is balance.  It feels to me that the word diet has a negative meaning as if it always means in terms of restriction of the quantity of food but that is not always true.  It can also define the way one eats.  My balance at this moment is not as clearly define as I would like, but I basically split may calories equally between fat, carbohydrates, and protein.  I focus on the macros of my food and it has been very educational where all my calories are derived.  It is funny how when I mentioned I had an egg white omelette on a call the other day with spinach and mozzarella the listener quickly thought it was odd to remove fat and then add it back in.  ” Doesn’t that go against the purpose to having an egg white omelette.”   The conversation didn’t continue because there were other on the call.  What I learned while focused on macros, I took control of my calories.  Three eggs with cheese has 15 grams more fat than egg whites with cheese.  That is 100 more calories.


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