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I miss being full.

Portion size might not be the issue.  It’s that I enjoy being full or a different level of satisfaction.  Or time spent eating with lots of variety.  Yesterday I reduced my lunch portion and even though I felt satisfied after my meal, I thought something was missing.  Not sure if was time spend eating, lack of certain macros, or variety.  I shoot to be balanced by the end of the day.  32% Carbohydrates, 33% Fat, and 35% protein; but I meal plan with little fat because fat just creeps  into your diet when you are not looking.  I might need to add some healthy fats on the way to enhance that satisfaction feeling.  Lunch I like to eat turkey and vegetables.  I have this really simple food bar where I go and its fairly easy to weight out the food at the register.

Yesterday’s Lunch under 500 (carbs 15.3 grams, fats 2.2 grams, protein 66.6 grams)

175 Grams of Turkey Breast

225 Grams of Broccoli

This is an example where I left the fat out because turkey and broccoli have next to none.  I might try adding 2 teaspoons of olive oil going forward.



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