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“the swiftest hours, as they flew,” – Shakespeare

Ten years later.  My focus with regards to diet is balance.  It feels to me that the word diet has a negative meaning as if it always means in terms of restriction of the quantity of food but that is not always true.  It can also define the way one eats.  My balance at this moment is not as clearly define as I would like, but I basically split may calories equally between fat, carbohydrates, and protein.  I focus on the macros of my food and it has been very educational where all my calories are derived.  It is funny how when I mentioned I had an egg white omelette on a call the other day with spinach and mozzarella the listener quickly thought it was odd to remove fat and then add it back in.  ” Doesn’t that go against the purpose to having an egg white omelette.”   The conversation didn’t continue because there were other on the call.  What I learned while focused on macros, I took control of my calories.  Three eggs with cheese has 15 grams more fat than egg whites with cheese.  That is 100 more calories.


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Dak Kang Jung – East Meets Weeks

I am a huge chicken wing fan, and my friend Eric shows us how to make really amazing chicken wings Korean style.

Chicken Wings

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New York has a lot of restaurants, and if you have been in business for a while, you are probably half good.  Sifting through all of the restaurants can be an arduous task.  Most of you know that I am an avid cook, but as a New Yorker, we do eat out a lot, and I know what I like.  My wife and I love going to new restaurants but as I mature, chasing the hottest chef can feel like going to the gym.  You feel good once you finish, but getting your self to go can feel like a lot of work.   As a foodie, I do get a lot of requests for where to eat.  What is most interesting in New York, there are thousands of neighborhoods.  Every few blocks can be considered a neighborhood in New York.  If you live on 60th Street on the East side, and you want to go for Italian, you might end up at Primola, Bravo Gianni, or Scalinatella.  All three of these restaurant are VERY GOOD.  If you live on 70th Street on the East Side, and you want Italian, you might end up at Campagnola or Elio’s both VERY GOOD.   If you are “connected” and you have a driver you might even end up at Rao’s; I have never been and am looking for a friend to take me. 

What’s all this talk about meatballs!!!  Now if you decide to wander south of 60thStreet you fill find yet another local Italian restaurant.  I go there regularly and have to say it is my favorite neighborhood Italian restaurant.  They have the BEST Meatballs EVER.  I took a friend there the other day and when he heard that I ordered meatballs, he thought it seemed odd that I wanted that to start prior to ordering my wine.  They melt in your mouth and when you finish the first, you want another.  We also ate the Melanzane Rollatino(Eggplant Stuffed with Ricotta).  The best part about going to this local Italian Restaurant, they will make anything you want.  I personally LOVE the Scarpariello (on the bone).  My wife loves all of the Pasta dishes.  They have Lamb Chops, Veal Chops, and Pork Chops.  The other night I had the Veal Chop (make sure you order the double cut).  The service is very personalized and Anthony the owner is ALWAYS there to make you happy.  He took very good care of me the other night.  They have a great selection of Italian Wine, but I continue to order from the California section. 

I had the Merryvalemerryvalethe other night (a favoirte of mine). 

It is very difficult leaving the restaurant without ordering a canolli.  For a nice local Italian restaurant, you can go for a special occasion or even eat at the bar for a quick meal.  They have a piano player a few days a week and it is a lot of fun for a quick glass of wine if you are in the neighborhood.  If don’t have a lot of time, go to the bar and order a half portion of pasta with a meatball.  You will love me forever. 

Are you ready;  The restaurants name is Destino’s!  It is a MUST TRY. 

After you try Destino’s, I would love to read about your comments.

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New Writers – listen in.

I have been reading a lot of blogs these day, and what seems to be consistent is that most people write regularly.  I have been bad, but I will try harder.   Not that there are many of you reading what I write, but this is more for me.  One blog that I have been following is  He interviews rather interesting authors every week.  He also asks how they got started and most authors answer by writing every day. 

Either way I would like to announce that I am closing in on 20 pounds of weight lose and I am VERY happy with my progress.  Tonight I made a Tuna Burger.  It was pretty easy, just chopped up some fresh tuna, added some onion and and mayo.  Voila!!  I will write a post in the spring regarding my fish shopping habits; but as a hint, I buy all my fish from Seattle direct from a wholesaler  I mostly buy Salmon, but this time he had some fresh Tuna. 

city_fish_crew   BTW.  Ask for John.

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I Will Balance My Life With Love!

After weeks of getting my act together I started to slip down a very slippery slope.  It took Chris Brogan social media king to get me focused on my goals.

Chris’s  goals for 2009  were similar to my goals; it would have been very easy for me to use them.  Since that would not be fair, I spent a day trying to figure out what will be important for me in 2009.

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Be a Winner Share Your Dinner!!

Eat less and you will lose weight.

It is calories not what you eat.

Eat lots of small meals.

Have you ever heard these lines.  Well it probably makes sense, not only do I like large meals, I fishing my plate.  That’s what my mom taught me.  For 20 plus years, not only did I finish my plate, portions got bigger.  That is why everyone is fatter.  Not only do I finish my plate, I don’t like to share.

My mother taught me to share, so I will started offering a taste off my plate.  If I give away one taste of my dinner every night I should be able to give away at least 50 calories;  maybe 100 if I get good at it.  Here’s the math.

50 * 365 days equals 18,250 calories.

That’s nine days worth of food @2,200 calories.

That is 5 pounds over the year and that is only 50 calories.  100 calories would help me lose 10 pounds by just offering a taste.

So 5 very important works to remember.

“Would you like a taste?”

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I forgot to eat!!!

Who are these people?  Have you ever met anyone who said, ” I forgot to eat”

What did you have for lunch?  “Oh–I for to eat.”

What’s for dinner?  “Is it that time already!”

I don’t know about you, but I count the minutes before every meal.  Can that change?  How would I go about going to forget eating?  I forget a lot of other things.  I can’t remember people’s name.  I never can remember the name of the movie I JUST SAW! 

I want to forget to eat lunch one day, or maybe dinner.  Is that possible?

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The three most important words when you are dieting.

No thank you. 

Would you like some desert?  No thank you

Would you like to taste my dish?  No thank you

Would you like a side of potatoes?  No thank you

Would you like anything else?  No thank you?

Stick your plan.  Arrange your meals in advance. And always say no thank you.  We put to much effort in maintaining our weight.  We spend many hours in the gym.  We know what is good and bad to eat.  Now learn to say; No thank you!!!

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Do I have to switch to egg white?

I will be spending some time researching this subject.  Is two eggs a day to much for a healthy person.  As first sight it might have to much cholesterol, but is it more that eating red meat?  I really love my eggs and would rather not HAVE to switch to egg whites; even though I enjoy them very much.  This morning I made a small two egg omelet with asparagus and Swiss cheese.  YUM YUM

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My first diet

As a baby the doctors prescribed me skim milk.  Whole milk made me sick;  that’s what I am told. When I was introduced to soft drinks, I always had diet soda;  Tabb at the time.  I also remember drinking Fresca.  I was always a few pounds over target and never considered myself fat, I was not the athletic type.  I was horrible at sports, and never worked out.

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