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New Writers – listen in.

I have been reading a lot of blogs these day, and what seems to be consistent is that most people write regularly.  I have been bad, but I will try harder.   Not that there are many of you reading what I write, but this is more for me.  One blog that I have been following is  He interviews rather interesting authors every week.  He also asks how they got started and most authors answer by writing every day. 

Either way I would like to announce that I am closing in on 20 pounds of weight lose and I am VERY happy with my progress.  Tonight I made a Tuna Burger.  It was pretty easy, just chopped up some fresh tuna, added some onion and and mayo.  Voila!!  I will write a post in the spring regarding my fish shopping habits; but as a hint, I buy all my fish from Seattle direct from a wholesaler  I mostly buy Salmon, but this time he had some fresh Tuna. 

city_fish_crew   BTW.  Ask for John.


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